Nobody would be allowed to take up arms – Defence Secretary | Daily News

Nobody would be allowed to take up arms – Defence Secretary

There will be no room for separatism and extremism to raise its ugly head this year (2021) since steps have been taken to thwart such attempts, said Defence Secretary Gen.(Retd) Kamal Gunaratne.

Responding to a question from the media he also affirmed, “Nobody would be allowed to take up arms” citing recent information disseminated in the society.

“Remand prisoners involved in large-scale drug rings were not released even though we have prison space constraints and the spread of the Coronavirus,” Gen. Gunaratne said, elaborating the situation in prisons. The Defence Secretary underlining that “there is no room to handle drug rings from overseas” said: “We had several rounds of discussions with the countries where mega level drug ring leaders live and have also issued 18 Red Notices through Interpol to nab such notorious characters evading justice”.

The Defence Secretary also explained the plans afoot to arrest persons involved in mega drug deals from overseas during next year.

“We conduct weekly discussions about these issues including the underworld activities,” he noted. Operations to curb illegal drug rings in the island would be further strengthened during next year (2021), he also reiterated. Further responding to alleged human rights violations likely to be raised yet again during the early quarter of new year, he recalled “These allegations have been levelled against our military since 2009” and asserted “no such war crimes were committed since we led a humanitarian operation”.