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Give scientific process priority in dealing with COVID-19 - Dr. Jasinghe

Environment Ministry Secretary Dr. Anil Jasinghe yesterday said the scientific process should be given priority instead of following superstitious beliefs in order to effectively face COVID-19 pandemic.

“What needs to happen today is to focus primarily on scientific matters, not to pursue myths,’ he said.

Dr. Jasinghe added that various new discoveries are being made around the world to curb the spread of COVID-19. “One group in our country has faith in the scientific process, while others have a tendency to follow superstitions,” he said.

He urged the public not to follow superstitious beliefs to evade the virus.

“All we have to do to suppress COVID-19 is to follow scientific methods and not follow superstitions,” he added.

The Environment Ministry Secretary who played a pivotal role in controlling the first wave of COVID-19 said that four or five new vaccines will be introduced to the world by middle of this year.

“Vaccine companies provide 20 percent of it to the public free of charge through the WHO. Every country in the world is making great efforts to get these vaccines. Therefore, countries like ours have to make a great effort to get vaccinated,” he added.

Dr. Jasinghe was speaking at the commencement of duties for the New Year at the Ministry of Environment yesterday.

Dr. Jasinghe said the COVID-19 virus has made the whole world helpless.

“Today some countries are socially impoverished. This is because of the disparity in income distribution in many countries. Although we are a developing country, the income distribution disparity is lower than other countries in the world. Therefore, the economy has not yet been crippled due to the Covid 19 pandemic in our country,” he said.

He added that the vaccine enhances immunity to the virus. At least 70 percent of all people must be vaccinated to maintain optimal immunity in society. That is a difficult goal. But if at least 50 percent of the population gets the vaccine, it is also a somewhat satisfying condition.

“Vaccine companies need to accelerate vaccine production. Otherwise, poor countries may not be given priority. That situation is a problem to suppress this virus.

The people now have a greater level of knowledge about COVID-19 than in March last year. Various types of information about COVID-19 are being published in the media and on social media. We must ensure that people get accurate information. It is necessary to provide accurate information to society, in order to control the spread of this virus,” he said.