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Minister Namal to usher in a new sports culture

Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa
Sports Minister Namal Rajapaksa

The Ministry of Sports, under the watchful eyes of Namal Rajapaksa, aims to improve the country's economy through a new sports culture in the new year by overcoming the challenges posed by corona. The Sports Minister launched a series of new programmes last year with the aim of creating a sports economy to make a valuable contribution to the country’s finances.

The Ministry of Education and the State Ministry of Rural and School Sports Infrastructure Development will focus on school sports, by speeding up infrastructure facilities to meet international standards which will enable the youngsters to compete with the world. To accomplish this vision inaugurating a Sports University is the first step. For the first time in history, the vision includes starting and developing a new National School of ‘Cricket’ with ultra-modern facilities at the Sooriyawewa International Cricket Stadium, which will be launched this year.

Cabinet approval is expected for 2021 as the Ministers have been kept abreast of the development of infrastructure in the sports schools of their respective areas, starting new sports schools, increasing sports scholarships and other offers.

The proposals approved for the new year are:

lDeveloping infrastructure at 26 sports schools through the Board of Ministers;

lEnrolling students to the new National School at Sooriyawewa Cricket stadium from this year to grade six;

lPelawatta Navodya School to be a athletic and Volleyball Sports centre;

lConverting Pitipana Mahinda Rajapaksa College to an athletic school;

lNew development proposals for football and athletics.

Talented children will have the opportunity of living in hostels where the sports schools are located, as the Ministry of Sports plans to build new hostels while developing the existing ones, and also enhance aid and other perks to suit the present circumstances. The goal is clear.

The value of creating a Ministry for developing school sports infrastructure will be evident within the year.

The priority of this Ministry will be to implement supply of sports equipment, field modernization and training activities, and to enhance the sports skills of children in schools.

Developing sports school, enrolling talented (especially rural children) in these schools and turning them into professionals who will fit into society with a good economic background, is the aim of developing the school sports infrastructure.

The journey of the Sports Ministry has gained extra mileage this year by taking on board the State Minister of Facility Development Thenuka Widanagamage. Due to the corona pandemic, last year's rural and school level competitions were unable to be held.

The Sports Minister is determined to promote sports in the midst of Corona this year, with the assistance of Grama Niladharis, local and district level sports will be held at the village level as well as at the renovated sports grounds.

This year's goal is to win the challenges of bringing the youth of the village who are brimming with sports skills to the international level amidst the current corona crisis.

This is in keeping with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s national policy framework “Vistas of Prosperity and Splendour.”