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In a bid to offer telemedicine services to fulfil local health needs, was launched recently by Dr Lakshika Chandrasiri.

Dr Lakshika says that with the current pandemic situation, the importance of indigenous medical practices with regards to disease prevention is highly recognized.

The indigenous medicine promotes healthy lifestyles and offers online health advice and doctor e-consultations, online yoga sessions, online reflexology training sessions and Ayurvedic beauty culture training sessions.

“Furthermore taking into consideration the lockdown and quarantine curfews and people’s reluctance to move out of their homes have also launched a special Ayurveda medicine home delivery service with our partnered pharmacy network.”

The website also contains many free health educational information especially aimed at the preventive aspect. “Our YouTube video channel and the health article page on the website increase Health awareness among the public.”

She recalled that Sri Lanka is the first country to introduce the “Hospital concept” (Sivikasotthi-Sala) to the world. Mihintale Hospital, which is the oldest hospital in the world, was found in the ancient city of Anuradhapura.

Sri Lanka owns a separate health system which is known as “Indigenous Medicine” practised by the ancestors. This indigenous medicine had the power of curing a large number of diseases despite their severity. The Indigenous medical field has somehow survived to be gifted for our next generations.

The main objectives of Ayurveda are to preserve the good health of healthy people and to cure diseases of people. mainly focuses on fulfilling these objectives.

Co-Founder of, Dr Lakshika further elaborated that by promoting proper indigenous medical practices among the public via health education and proper guidance, enhancing the wellness aspect of a person is the main objective of this website.

However today people are busy with their day today’s tight schedules. Therefore, Health is neglected until illnesses affect their day to day life. With the current statistics, every 1:3 people are suffering from a Non-communicable disease like Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, etc. But with indigenous practices which promote wellness, the preventive aspect of these Non-communicable diseases can be promoted among the public.”

She said that she will promote globally when the pandemic settles to attract foreign tourists to visit Sri Lanka and seek Ayurveda treatment as foreigners prefer to enhance their wellness with natural methods used in Indigenous medical practices. “Owning a proud history with regards to Indigenous medical systems, Sri Lanka can easily be made as a hub for promoting Health and Wellness.”

Dr Chandrasiri holds a Bachelor’s BAMS (Hons) Degree from the University of Colombo and Advanced Diploma in Ayurveda Beauty Therapy. She has domain expertise in Wellness, Cosmetology & Ayurveda Beauty Culture and in the medical field since 2016.

Dr Lakshika is also known in the field of Medical Tourism working as a Chief Consultant in renowned Ayurveda health centres for over 10 years. She is also a visiting Lecturer who conducts lectures on Ayurvedic discipline in many reputed institutions.