Work on Orugodawatta-Ambatale Road accelerated | Daily News

Work on Orugodawatta-Ambatale Road accelerated

Highways Minister Johnston Fernando yesterday said that rehabilitation of the Orugodawatta-Ambatale Road will be completed in the next four months.

The Minister was inspecting the construction yesterday. The 7.7km long Orugodawatta-Ambatale Road rehabilitation was commenced in 2013.

The section will be rehabilitated with four lanes at a cost of Rs.3,471 million under two stages by two contractors. Two sections including the Orugodawatta-Wennawtta and Kotikawatta-Angoda Junction parts are developed by one contractor, while the other will develop two sections including the Wennawtta-Kotikawatta and Angoda-Ambatale Junctions.