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COVID out of government’s control now - JVP

JVP Central Committee member Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa said the COVID pandemic has gone out of government’s control and the number of infected surpassed 44,000 mark by Saturday night.

“When this news appears in paper, the number of infected may rise above 45,000 as more than 500 patients are reported daily. If this trend continues, the number of infected may go beyond 50,000 within a week”, he said.

Speaking at a press conference in Colombo yesterday, Dr.Jayatissa said health authorities suspect of possible infiltration of new variant of the virus to the country as India recorded 25 patients with new mutant of the virus. “The people should be convinced that this pandemic can be controlled by adhering to scientific guidelines.The people have lost faith in the health sector during the second wave of the virus as the government drew people’s attention towards drugs which don’t have any scientific basis,” he said.

He added that myths reigned the country above science and there is no magic solutions where curbing the spread of the virus is concerned.

Jayatissa asked the government as to why Ukrainian tourists are being brought to Sri Lanka when the number of COVID deaths in that country exceeds 19,000.