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Marking a milestone in showbiz

The showbiz industry in Sri Lanka has always been a challenge and a risk which any organizer would have to face if he needs to provide quality entertainment. Behind the entertainment, performance and artistes, the event organizer is the backbone of the whole process, to ensure that everything is in top order, and giving the audience the best of entertainment as the final outcome.

As a professional in the showbiz industry, Damayantha Kuruppu knows only too well about the industry to mention about its challenges, risks and achievements, and very soon he will be celebrating his 50th anniversary in the music industry. Recently he gave all the retro music lovers a treat –and that was the 100 plus DVD and Blue ray disks, including the much awaited live recording of the landmark concert, and the DVD contains 43 songs performed by some of the most popular artistes in the local music scene. His target audience which he caters to is mainly the mature audience. It was, of course, a concert which was put together as a landmark celebration, for presenting 100 plus musical shows. He got all the artistes who worked with him for a long time, to perform on one stage. He managed to get two generations on one stage from veterans like Sunil Perera, Annesley Malewana , and Desmond De Silva, to B N’S .He was able to get the cream of music in Sri Lanka on to one platform. Damayantha is currently occupied as the C.E.O of DK Promotions, and also is the Managing Director of Gemini Lanka.

He arranged his very first musical show in 1975, and it was also the late Milton Mallawaarachchi’s first solo musical concert. He formed his own band ‘’Vision’’ in 1971, and still often performs at Sing along and concerts. He hopes that everything will be better this year and is planning on another event to mark his 50th anniversary by bringing together three generations, including the Moonstones, Golden Chimes and the Super Golden Chimes. He has managed to bring forward several generations and throughout the years, he has changed the whole format of the music industry.

Speaking more on the 100 plus Blue ray and DVD disks , the artists who will be featured on the disk are Sunil Perera, Desmond De Silva, Annesley Malawana, Dalreen, Ronnie Leitch, Bathiya and Santhush, Yasmin De Silva, Mignonne Fernando , Corrine, Chitral Somapala, Mariazelle, and Damayantha Kuruppu himself. Music is provided by Super Chimes, Compered by Vijaya Corea. It is also released as a tribute to the late Ronnie Leitch as well ,who made his final appearance for the show.

According to Damayantha Kuruppu since this is the final live recording by Ronnie Leitch on DVD the production has been dedicated to the multi-talented artiste. The DVD/Blue ray is recorded on Full HD with Digital sounds. The DVD is produced by DK Promotions. The CD and the DVD were done in Hong Kong, to ensure that the material is of the best quality.

Timeless Hits – Love you every second

The CD which was recently released is Volume 6 in the series of old time western classics .The new CD contains 20 all-time hits with a total new flavor.

Some of the songs included are Love you every second, Crazy, Jamaican Farewell, Yesterday, Always on my mind, What a wonderful world , Blue eyes crying, Silver haired daddy, Forever my darling and more. There is also a totally new arrangement of Tom Jones hit Delilah. All songs are sung by Damayantha Kuruppu and music is by Lasantha Kariyawasam. In the CD, ‘’Love you every second’’ is one of Damayantha’s personal favourites which he says, has a lot of meaning and value. Damayantha is extremely happy and proud of what he was able to do with the CD and also the DVD and Blue ray, when nobody’s interested in purchasing CD’s at this time; he took the risk of producing a CD. He hopes that people will appreciate what he does and is trying to do for the benefit of the music industry. Further, he is of the opinion that the authorities must support the entertainers, artistes and motivate them to move forward in the industry. He is hopeful about the new generation and endorses talented musicians which belong to the new generation, such as B N’S and considers them as the godfathers of new music, with talent and creativity, changing the times, and one of the rare bands which has been able to survive in the music industry.

The 100 plus DVD /Blue ray is sure to give you a musical treat which will be an amazing experience and will be an ideal treat to start the New Year with a beautiful collection of songs to enjoy and keep you entertained.