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Making a difference

A special discussion to identify the reasons behind school dropouts was held recently at Puttalam Thillaiyadi Vizhuthu Skill Development Centre auditorium.

This discussion had been arranged by Thillayadi Vizhuthu Skill Development Centre.

During this fruitful discussion among the academics and the parents, the reasons behind the problem of school dropouts were discussed. Some recommendations were presented by the participants during this event.

The discussion was held under the chair of the project officer of Vizhuhu Skill Development Centre Rajaratnam Suhuna Devi. The teacher instructor of Puttalam Zonal Education office A G M Nawfer, the Principal of Puttalam Thillaiyadi Ansari Muslim Maha Vidyalaya A H A Wadhoodh, the principal of Puttalam Thillaiyadi Muslim Maha Vidyalaya A M Jawath, the School Development Committee members of these schools and the parents took part in this event.