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Laws to destroy narcotics in full public view soon

Laws are being formulated to destroy narcotics that are seized by law enforcement bodies in view of the public, Public Security Minister Rear Admiral (Rtd) Dr. Sarath Weerasekara said.

Responding to a question raised by Opposition MP Chaminda Wijesiri, he said that discussions in this regard were held with the Attorney General.

He noted that measures would be taken in the future to only retain a small portion of the seized narcotics for court production and destroy the rest after documentation. Currently, however, the law enforcement authorities are compelled to hold onto the entire quantity of seized narcotics until court proceedings are completed.

Minister Weerasekara said that in 2015 the law enforcement authorities had seized 717kg and 841g and 774mg, in 2016 they had seized 1793kg, 109g and 470mg, in 2017 – 308kg, 962g and 266mg, in 2018 279.76kg and 772mg, in 2019 -1841kg, 565g and 497mg, in 2020 up to December 05th the law enforcement authorities had seized 2740kg, 301g and 514mg. He said in response to Wijesiri’s question on whether some of the seized drugs found its way back into the hands of racketeers, that it had come to light that due to some corrupt officers at the Narcotics Bureau some of these drugs had found its way back to drug racketeers. However, he said that currently some of these corrupt officers are in remand and investigations are ongoing. Two employees attached to the Government Analyst’s Department had also been taken into custody over their involvement. However, he said that as the legal proceedings regarding these errant officers are still ongoing, it is not appropriate to release the names of the arrested persons.

The Minister noted that strict action will be taken against any officer found guilty of corruption as a deterrent to others in order to ensure corruption is weeded out of these institutions.

MP Wijesiri alleged that the drugs which are seized by the law enforcement authorities had later been found to have turned into wheat flour.

He said that the drugs which are seized in major operations and much media publicity are at some point given back to the racketeers and the stocks in custody are replaced with plain flour. He accused high ranking government officials to be working hand and glove with drug racketeers. Hence, he said that the public had lost faith in the government.