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‘Songyl’ quits marriage

Unexpected news comes to us from Turkish showbiz. Turkish media report that actress Gokçe Akyildiz, known as ‘Songyl’, from the series ‘Orphan Flowers’ has separated from her husband.

Gokçe married Mustafa Ozyurt three years ago. They met during the filming of the series, where Mustafa worked behind the scenes.

The couple was blessed with a son whom they named Omer and they looked very happy in their marriage. But as the Turkish media recently reported they have had quarrels and misunderstandings that have led to their separation. Another detail that confirms the separation is the fact that the two have deleted photos with each other from social networks.

It is said that Gokçe took custody of the boy after the separation. The actress has decided to focus on her career from now on and will soon start shooting a new series.

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