Market ASPI index crosses 7,000 | Daily News
Turnover crosses Rs. 7 bn

Market ASPI index crosses 7,000

The Colombo Stock Exchange All Share Price Index crossed 7,000 yesterday. There were 39,118 trades and turnover crossed Rs 7 billion. The movement in the market was driven mostly by an interest in Browns Investments (BIL). 101 tickers contributed positively to the index while 88 contributed negatively to the index.

Turnover was concentrated in BIL which had a crossing of Rs 1.1 billion at Rs 5.5. BIL had an intraday high of Rs 5.9 and a low of Rs 5. BIL traded at a Volume Weighted Average of Rs 5.46 and accounted for 6645 trades.

The S&P SL20 index ended the day down 5.4 points.