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Muslim Marriage Law to be amended - Justice Minister

Justice Minister Ali Sabry PC yesterday (06) stated that the Government has decided to amend the Muslim Marriage Law.

“Accordingly, it has been decided to increase the minimum age for marriage to 18,” he said. The relevant amendments to the law will be brought forward soon, Minister Sabry pointed out.

Minister Sabry made these observations in Parliament yesterday in reply to MP Ven.Rathana Thera while opening the debate on the Penal Code (Amendment) Bill, the Evidence (Amendment) Bill and the Bail (Amendment) Bill in Parliament yesterday (6).

“There is no debate on certain matters between any communities. We shall not hesitate. As Ven. Rathana Thera pointed out there are certain laws that should be amended. We should not entertain racism, if we continue doing so, as a nation we shall never rise. We must stop under age marriages that still take place. I have already taken initiative on this.

What must be done, must be done, there is no argument,” Minister Sabry pointed out.