Accelerated repatriation of Sri Lankans from next week - Minister | Daily News

Accelerated repatriation of Sri Lankans from next week - Minister

Increased flights from Middle East countries:

The Government will accelerate the process of bringing back overseas Sri Lankans who seek to return home due to COVID-19 related issues from next week, Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said.

The minister said that the number of flights bringing Sri Lankans from the Middle East will be increased to five and the number of passengers brought in cargo flights will be increased to 75.

The minister also stated that whatever the challenges the decision to re-open the Airport on January 21 for commercial flights will not be reversed.

The minister said the decision to re-open the airport fully following restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic was not a sudden one but was a decision well thought of and planned over a long period.

He was speaking at a public event in Minuwangoda yesterday, the minister’s media unit in a communiqué said. The minister also said when opening the airport a new Code of Health Guidelines will be implemented. He said this has now been sent to the health sector authorities for approval. The minister went on to say that allegations made by the opposition about the country’s migrant workers were blatant lies.