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I will stand by honest police officers - Minister

Tabs were presented to SSP trainers by Minister Weerasekara.
Tabs were presented to SSP trainers by Minister Weerasekara.

Many police officers who have done right have fallen into trouble. Therefore, many honest officers have suffered setbacks today, Public Security Minister Rear Admiral (Rtd) Dr. Sarath Weerasekara said.

Hence, he said he will continue to stand by honest and good police officers without any hesitation, even if he has to face dire consequences adding that he has been appointed Public Security Minister to increase efficiency of the police force.

Adressing a group of senior police officers on Wednesday Dr. Weerasekera said: “We have a good police force, but if crimes are increasing there is no point in having a police force. Like in foreign countries, we must ensure the safety of everyone where females could travel on the streets even at night without any fear. If such an environment could be established in other countries, there is no reason why we can’t do it,” he said. He said that a three step approach has been adopted to curb the drug menace in the country. The first is to stop drugs from being brought into the country, second is to reduce the demand for drugs within the country and third is to rehabilitate drug addicts without throwing them in jail. Minister Weerasekara noted that these measures are being taken currently and in order to deter students from getting into the habit of using drugs a massive programme has been launched together with the Education Ministry targeting school children.

The Minister vowed to take into custody anyone who is addicted to drugs, irrespective of who they are and direct them to rehabilitation centres and give them vocational training.

During the minister’s visit, Tabs were presented for the convenience of SSP trainers. Ministry Secretary Major Gen Jagath Alwis and IGP C.D. Wickramaratne were also present on this occasion.