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Sri Lanka Army sets up Agriculture and Livestock Corps

Army Commander General Shavendra Silva inspecting an agro-unit at the new Corp. Picture by Rukmal Gamage
Army Commander General Shavendra Silva inspecting an agro-unit at the new Corp. Picture by Rukmal Gamage

The inauguration of the newly established Sri Lanka Army, Agriculture and Livestock Corps took place yesterday.

The Army issuing a communiqué said the new unit established under the Army’s Directorate will be fully operational to support uplift the country’s agricultural sector to new heights.

The formal raising orders for its establishment was signed by General Shavendra Silva, Chief of Defence Staff, Army Commander and Head of the National Operations Centre for Prevention of COVID-19 Outbreak (NOCPCO), who is also spearheaded the establishment of the new Corps, which could in future demonstrate and execute military capabilities in this domain of national importance as has already been done elsewhere in national infrastructure, urban beautification, tree planting, digging new tanks, constructing public utilities, developing public facilities, cultivations, road constructions and renovations.

The inauguration of the new Corps at the Sri Jayewardenepura Army Headquarters kicked off upon arrival of the Chief Guest, General Shavendra Silva at the invitation of Major General Indrajith Kandanaarachchi, Director General, Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock (DAL) and Colonel Commandant of the Sri Lanka Army Service Corps (SLASC). A pictorial display of ongoing projects of the DAL and with some of model samples, put up at the entrance, invited the observation of the day’s Chief Guest before the symbolic signing of raising orders.

Major General Indrajith Kandanaarachchi traced in his speech the brief saga behind the expansion of nation-building tasks, development of agricultural sector and resolution of new challenges that have been hitherto implemented, amply guided and supported by General Shavendra Major General Kandanaarachchi presented copies of a booklet that incorporates the series of DAL projects that have been so far effected under the Commander’s Thuru Mithuru Nawa Ratak project and planned ones to the day’s Chief Guest and other invitees.

General Shavendra Silva underlined the importance of the day’s gesture as another challenge where the Army is capable of demonstrating its multifaceted capabilities and able to earn an impressive reputation by closely collaborating with all agrarian stakeholders in its journey towards assisting nation-building tasks, as entrusted by the President placing the fullest confidence in the Armed Forces.

The Corps of Agriculture and Livestock expects to strategically support the State sector initiatives at national level to establish agriculture resource centres, improvement to fresh water fish-breeding, establishment of cold storing facilities and a tri-service agrarian research and development centre while extending maximum support to further improvement of the agrarian sectors in State and private sector initiatives.

The DAL has been engaged in the production of paddy, vegetables, eggs and several varieties of essentials to the Army through its Kandakadu, Menik Farm, Vellamkulum, Galkanda, Palatupana, Adiyapuliyankulam, Balalla and Niraviya farms.

DAL troops have been cultivating paddy under Thuru Mithuru-Nawa Ratak Project, 1,000 acres of coconuts, 500 acres of TEJC mangoes, 2,000 acres of cashew, 200 acres of chilies, production of yoghurt, curd and eggs with 100,000 hens, ration packs using local raw materials, salt, tomato sauce, and compost fertiliser and 100,000 turmeric saplings.

Chief of Staff of the Army Major General Prabath Dematanpitiya, Deputy Chief of Staff Major General Duminda Sirinaga, Directors, senior officers and other ranks participated.