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SriLankan calls on Pilots Guild to cooperate for country’s sake

SriLankan Airlines yesterday urged their Pilots Guild to cooperate with the management in bringing down Sri Lankan expatriates without causing disruptions.

The Airline’s management in a press release urged the Pilots Guild to report to work as and when required by the Airline and work on rostered off days too.

The release said: The Airline has been adopting ad-hoc flight schedules due to the pandemic in addition to responding swiftly to the needs of the Government in relation to repatriation of Sri Lankans and the transportation of cargo as and when required. This necessitates all employees of the Airline to report to work on short notice in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by Authorities for the prevention of COVID-19. The precautionary measures taken and the required personal protective equipment always provided by the Airline have protected the employees when they were on duty.

The National Carrier has also relied on the support of the Government of Sri Lanka to get through this difficult period, and the Government led by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has unhesitatingly extended necessary funds in spite of the budgetary and fiscal challenges faced by the Government. Therefore, it is the utmost duty of the employees to support the Government in their efforts to rebuild the country.

The employees of SriLankan Airlines have endured many hardships since the onset of the pandemic from having to work in a tough and unpredictable working environment whilst foregoing a percentage of their income in salary cuts.

It is against this stressful backdrop that members of the executive committee of the Airline Pilots Guild (ALPG) have decided to act in a self-centered manner, not only causing severe disruptions to the Airline’s operations but jeopardising the Airline as well as the development efforts of the country.

The ALPG has forced members to resort to unacceptable action by refraining from consenting to report to work on rostered off-days by refusing the duty call or being unresponsive to calls from the Company.

The Board and the Management of the Airline are thoroughly disappointed that one segment of the Airline’s employees is intentionally undermining the efforts of the rest of the company, the release said.