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Democrats take control of Senate in US

Georgia, a state that shocked the nation in November when its voters chose President-elect Joe Biden, the first Democratic presidential candidate to win there in over two decades, has done it again. This time, a majority of Georgians supported two new Democratic US Senators -- Jon Ossoff and Rev. Raphael Warnock -- in a runoff vote this week.

The Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff has won his Senate runoff election, giving Democrats control of the Senate for the opening of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Ossoff’s victory against David Perdue, was called by the Associated Press late on Wednesday, and follows fellow Democrat Raphael Warnock’s victory against incumbent Kelly Loeffler.

With the victories of Ossoff and Warnock, the US Senate is now 50-50.

Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris will serve as the tie-breaking 51st vote, giving Democrats control of the chamber for the first time since 2015.

A pastor who spent the past 15 years leading the Atlanta church where Martin Luther King Jr preached, Warnock’s victory makes him the first Black senator in his state’s history.

The results were a stinging rebuke of Donald Trump, who made one of his final trips in office to Georgia to rally his loyal base behind the state’s Republican candidates. In an emotional address early on Wednesday, Warnock vowed to work for all Georgians whether they voted for him or not, citing his personal experience with the American dream. His mother, he said, used to pick “somebody else’s cotton” as a teenager.

“The other day, because this is America, the 82-year-old hands that used to pick somebody else’s cotton picked her youngest son to be a United States senator,” he said. “Tonight, we proved with hope, hard work and the people by our side, anything is possible.” (CNN, Guardian)