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Emotional matter

Singer Sonu Nigam stayed in Dubai for a large part of the year owing to the travel restrictions during Covid-19 pandemic. Returning to his homeland, India recently, therefore made him emotional.

He says, “Coming back to Mumbai made me very emotional. Mumbai, is my Mother Land literally, since my mother was born and brought up here. I thanked my bungalow Namah, as I entered my house. My heart was filled with gratitude towards the Universe.”

The 47-year-old, unlike other celebs who vacationed abroad, chose to come back to India and instead go to Uttarakhand with some of his close friends. He says it was a conscious choice, “Uttarakhand is one of my most favorite destinations. Also when one had lived abroad throughout the pandemic, an excursion of one’s choice should definitely be a place that’s not abroad!”

What he wasn’t okay with is the stress that came along with travelling in Covid times. “Of course one can’t really be okay with the stress that one has to undergo while traveling. Wearing masks, keeping hands sanitised always, and other stuff, is definitely very tedious. But you are safer in places where there’s less population I feel,” says Nigam.

2020 as a year has been a big challenge, with so much going on around us, especially the pandemic. Life as we know it, came to a full stop. And the singer agrees. “2020 has been a year that will be remembered for centuries. That we have been a part of it, is a very overwhelming realisation. Many lives lost, many reduced to penury, many battles fought, in the hospitals, on TV channels, in the Parliament, on the borders, the year just doesn’t seem to be merciful to the world. On the other hand, sensible people, have been humbled by the turn of events and are understanding the futility of the myths the society believed in all these times,” tells us Nigam.

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