Jaffna University students end hunger strike | Daily News

Jaffna University students end hunger strike

A group of students at the Jaffna University who were on a hunger strike ended their protest action after the Vice Chancellor of the University laid a foundation stone to reconstruct the war monument at the University, which was demolished recently.

The Vice Chancellor of the Jaffna University Sri Sargunarajah had arrived early morning and had a discussion with the students who had participated in the strike.

During the discussion to end the fast, the students had said that in order to end the fast, the monument that was removed should be re-erected at the same place.

The Jaffna University Vice Chancellor had reportedly received threats and accusations from Tamil politicians in the North over the monument’s removal.

The Vice Chancellor had proposed to delay the laying of the foundation stone due to heavy rains, but the students did not agree and the Vice Chancellor and the students had laid the foundation stone for the reconstruction of the war memorial in the midst of heavy rain.