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Priority for rural infrastructure development - Herath

The present Government has given priority to the development of rural infrastructure since the rural economic development of a country has a direct impact on the national economic development, Company Estate Reforms, Tea Estate Related Crops, Tea Factory Modernization and Tea Export Promotion State Minister Kanaka Herath said.

The State Minister made this observation while inaugurating the “A conversation with the Village - Return to the Village with Work” (Gama Samaga Pilisandarak – Weda Samaga Yali Gamata) National Development Programme from the Rambukkana Electorate.

He further stated that the Government is committed to the betterment of the rural economy as rural economic development is a crucial factor for the national economic development of a country.

Accordingly, the “A conversation with the Village – Return to the Village with Work” programme will provide financial assistance for agricultural, industrial and social welfare activities, primarily aimed at rural economic development, he added.

Under this, the needs of the people in each village are identified and the necessary allocations are made through the relevant Ministries. The programme is being implemented under the direct supervision of the Presidential Task Force.

“The main objective of the programme is to identify the aspirations of the people at the village level and give them the necessary priority to carry out those tasks and use them for the economic revival of the country,” State Minister Herath said.

“We provide the necessary support not only for infrastructure development but also for progress in any field such as livelihood development, professional development and industrial development. In addition, proposals for the betterment of various sectors such as self-employment, education and religion will be implemented”.

“The aim is to complete most of these proposals this year. Through this we hope to uplift the living standards of the people as well as boost the economy of the people. We hope to develop local products in line with agricultural development and to achieve rapid development in the industrial sector,” State Minister Herath stressed.

At a time when the global economy is in decline in the face of the Corona disaster, the State Minister emphasized that steps will be taken to take the country to a higher level economically through the vision of prosperity.

According to him “A Conversation with the Village” programme was initiated as a practical programme when the Government with the aim of taking the benefits of development directly to the village.