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Difficult to win in SL says England head coach Silverwood

Coach Chris Silverwood (left) with Skipper Joe Root during a training session.
Coach Chris Silverwood (left) with Skipper Joe Root during a training session.

England Head Coach, Chris Silverwood believes that Sri Lanka would come hard on them in an attempt to avenge their previous defeat when the two teams clash in a two-Test series at the Galle Stadium commencing on Thursday.

The 45-year-old former England fast bowler said that his team would need to really focus on the game and play some smart cricket to maintain their position in the ICC World Test Championship.

“It is difficult to win here and Sri Lanka will want to get revenge for their defeat last time. We have to respect that they are a good side in their conditions,” said the former Yorkshire player.

Silverwood, who played in six Tests and seven One Day Internationals (ODIs) for England of course, has pleasant memories in Sri Lanka where they made a clean sweep (3-0) during the series here in 2018.

However, the former Essex Bowling Coach said that his dynamic team has the talent and the potential to beat any side under any conditions.

“Do I believe we can win? Of course, I do. I always believe that our team can beat anyone but it is all about the processes,” Silverwood stressed.

“The important thing for me is continuing the progression from when I took over. Our Test team is getting better and better and the plans and methods are getting stronger as well. If we continue that, we should be successful.”

Silverwood also said that his squad is packed with as many as seven reserve players in case of an injury or illness and they could fit into the side immediately at any given opportunity.

In fact, with Moeen Ali ruled out from the opening Test, England could always look to their reserve players, which include spinners in the calibre of Mason Crane, Matt Parkinson and Amar Virdi.

“We travel with such a large squad so we have any eventuality covered. We can play plenty of spin if required to. They are all here, so they're available,” added Silverwood.

“Normally you would fly someone out in case of injury but now the guys we would have flown in anyway are already here, up and running and training with the squad,” he explained.

“It makes things easier and gives me more options and other people opportunities. That is one of the good things to come out of this.”

The England Head Coach also said that they would continue with the player rotation policy and would rest some of the key players with another gruelling Test series coming up in India shortly.

“We have six Tests in a relatively short period of time so, we have to be realistic and the chances are players won’t play every Test match.”

“We rested and rotated players during the summer and we will have to continue doing it. The players understand that from a physical and mental point of view,” Silverwood stressed.