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Stay positive!

Royal International School, Kurunegala

We live in a world of giants and those who allow themselves to be dwarfed. The difference is most often thinking positively. Perfect Prefects features Royal International School, Kurunegala, Head Girl Prameesha Rajapaksha and Head Boy of Mohommed Aakil, who understand the power of positive thinking.

 We live in a world with real world problems, so ignore it at your peril! Head Girl Prameesha Rajapaksha understands that nothing in life comes easy. For her pressure is an incentive. Necessity is the mother of invention they say, and when there is pressure she works hard to overcome it.

She states that she loves being challenged and works best under pressure.Rajapaksha brought up a salient point. Our ability to think. A wild beast or human when threatened may act on instinct.

Or if there is a need, they may take immediate steps to satisfy the need.

 But the human’s capacity to think before acting is far greater than other animals.

“What sets us apart from other animals is our intelligence.

This enables us to be able to make a difference in the world we live in.

The simplest example I can give you is our ability to think before acting. Sometimes think twice.

 We can choose to think positively or negatively. If we are trained to think positively from a young age, that can create a chain reaction through society and ultimately throughout the world.

That is the most powerful thing which we can do as humans,” explained Rajapaksha. Art and Culture greatly appeals to Rajapaksha.

 And the artistic genius of Vincent Van Gogh is as bright as the afternoon sun. The story of Vincent Van Gogh is both tragic and at the same time inspirational.

 The tragedy was that during his life time he was not commercially successful, and his suicide at 37, came after years of mental illness and poverty.

What is inspirational is that despite his difficulties he created incredible works of art. After his demise, around 2000 pieces of his art were discovered which are valued in millions today.

It is a pity that he was never recognized for his genius during the time he was alive and only considered a madman and a failure!“I am passionate about many things such as travelling, dancing, music, drawing and adventure.

When looking at the world what really makes me passionate is Art and Culture. Art can have a huge impact on our mood and emotional state.

 It can really affect our mood in a very positive way, making us feel happy, calmer and even inspires us to act. Art forms of Music, theatre, film, dance also appeal to me,” pointed out RajapakshaAs mentioned above she is a lover of all forms of art.

 One of her favourite songs is ‘Man in The Mirror’ by Michael Jackson. It is a powerful song because it speaks of suffering and the need for love, courage and compassion.

Martin Luther King is a leader who Rajapaksha admires. King is also featured in this song. The song teaches us that we need to stand up for human rights and stand against injustice.

The song also carries footage of the slain Senator Robert Kennedy who fought against injustice.

“I usually like to read books and watch movies that teach us about life’s journey and adventure. Singing and listening to music is my passion. Songs like ‘I believe I can fly’, ‘Beautiful’ and ‘Man in the mirror’ makes us think about this life we are living and about ourselves.

‘Be the change that you want to see in the world’ says Rajapaksha.

 Her message to the youth is to always try to communicate with society, listen to what people have to say and set an example for others.

Show others that you have courage, confidence and will power. Respect each and every one whom you meet. And above all work hard and plan out your life. “Martin Luther King is one person that I really admire.

 His speech ‘I have a dream’ became famous because it stated that what matters is the content of a persons’ character. That is all that matters.

‘If you judge people you don’t have time to love them’ was a saying by Mother Teresa. She was a catholic nun who sacrificed everything to care for the destitute and dying.

She saw beauty in every human being. These great leaders have made an enormous change in the world. They inspire me,” explained Rajapaksha. Rajapaksha also stated that she would like to thank her parents for being with her through all the ups and downs of life and that her parents are her pillars of strength. Head Boy Mohommed Aakil too, states that positive thinking is the key to happiness and success.

Sometimes too many young men and women give up. The key is never giving up! One must never lose hope!He states that the world is enmeshed in conundrums. Now is not the time to give up says Aakil! He uses the phrase – ‘these issues are killing our humanity’. When people ask for our help, they appeal to our sense of humanity.

Yet how many of us turn a deaf ear? “The message I would like to give out is this - We are living in a very selfish society.

People care only about themselves. They only think about making money so they can live extravagantly and maintain their lifestyles.

As Sri Lankans let’s look out for each other.

Let’s all be united and make this country and this world a better place,” explained Aakil.Nelson Mandela said once – ‘As I walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.

’ This was how he changed people’s thinking.

This is how he united people. He knew what the medicine was.

“I admire Nelson Mandela the most because he is one of the few leaders that changed societal attitudes - of not just one society but societies throughout the world.

He truly united people in spirit,” pointed out Aakil. Aakil values individuality. His aim is to become a good leader and be a good role model and leave behind a legacy.

There is a biblical saying – ‘After all, we brought nothing with us when we came into the world, and we can’t take anything with us when we leave it’ 1 Timothy 6:7. Yet we can leave something behind! Perhaps what we believed in? “Everyone has been inspired by someone at some point in their lives.

But I feel that you need not imitate them. You need to make your own choices and decisions in life.

 You have to forge your own path and live a life of fulfilment,” said Aakil. He is not one to panic.

 Having a proper target, he tries to remain positive and relies on his organizational skills. Time is of the essence when trying to accomplish one’s objectives.

Time management is essential when an individual is trying to succeed.

 Both Head Prefects praised their teachers and Principal for honing their talents and skills and guiding them along the path to success.

They stated their school has given them so many opportunities for self-development.