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Macaron mania!

Anna Zhirova is a self-taught food artist from Russia who specializes in hand-painting macarons to create unique edible works of art.

An architect by profession, Anna Zhirova came up with the idea of hand-painting macarons completely by accident, but she found the idea fascinating. She had been drawing for as long as she could remember, but the thought of decorating the tiny treats and creating designer macarons was very intriguing. Over time Anna developed both a technique to create the perfect canvas for her art, and the right consistency for the edible food dyes she uses.

Macarons traditionally come in an assortment of colors, but Anna Zhirova’s hand-painted ones have a white sugar glaze that makes the perfect background for her beautiful designs. From floral motifs to animals and other sweets, the Russian artist takes inspiration from everything in her life when deciding on her next design.

Zhirova, whom some friends and family have nicknamed “Macaronessa”, because of her unique art form, uses various edible food dyes to decorate the macarons, and posts photos of her most beautiful creations on her social media.

- Oddity Central