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CIPM celebrates 60th anniversary

President CIPM Sri Lanka Jayantha Amarasinghe with Postmaster General of Sri Lanka Ranjith Ariyaratne and other dignitaries from CIPM
President CIPM Sri Lanka Jayantha Amarasinghe with Postmaster General of Sri Lanka Ranjith Ariyaratne and other dignitaries from CIPM

CIPM Sri Lanka, a leader in Human Resource Management celebrated its 60th Anniversary with the issuance of a commemorative stamp and 1st day issuance in collaboration with the Department of Posts, Sri Lanka recently.

The occasion was celebrated at a ceremony held at Waters’ Edge in Battaramulla with the participation of President CIPM, Jayantha Amarasinghe, Vice President CIPM Ken Vijayakumar, Chief Guest Postmaster General of Sri Lanka Ranjith Ariyaratne together with Council Members of CIPM and other officials of the Postmaster General’s office and CIPM.

Welcoming those present at the occasion, CIPM President Jayantha Amarasinghe traced back CIPM’s humble beginnings to 1959 when a group of personnel managers and personnel officers came up with the idea of establishing an organization dedicated to personnel management in Sri Lanka.

“On October 28 1959, a conference of personnel managers took place in the presence of officers from the Department of Labour and the International Labour Organization which was sponsoring the Labour Management, relations and labour related projects.

The government too admired the forming of the Institute of Personnel Management during this period, and the inaugural meeting of the institute was held on April 22, 1960 at which the constitution was adopted which saw the birth of our great institution. The architects of this endeavor included late Senator Sir Cyril De Soyza and founder President late S.A.G. Perera to whom we owe a debt of gratitude,” he said.

CIPM brings an international flavour to human resource management best practices with its affiliations and close relationships with like-minded HR bodies such as the Asia Pacific Federation of Human Resource Management (APFHRM) of which CIPM is the current President, World Federation of People Management Associations (WFPMA).

“Human Resource Management is one of the most important and influential areas of management.

While it is easy, expected and encouraged to practice modern human resource management principles and best practices in the private sector, it is not so in the Public and State Sector.

As a professional body and business school which produces a large number of human resource professionals employed in the business and public/state sector in Sri Lanka, CIPM is doing an exemplary service to the forward journey of our country,” said Postmaster General of Sri Lanka and Chief Guest Ranjith Ariyaratne congratulating CIPM on its 60th Anniversary.

The design for the CIPM 60th Anniversary commemorative stamp was selected by a special committee comprising of CIPM council members and officials after a competition which was open to the public including members, staff and students of CIPM. The selected design was the work of Sewwandi Kumarapperuma, member of staff, CIPM.