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‘Government will look after disabled soldiers for their lifetime’

Military Spokesman Brigadier Chandana Wickramasinghe said that the Government has been providing the members of the Armed Forces who were rendered disabled due to operational reasons, their salary, pension, and disability allowances among others for their lifetime, whether they have completed 55 years of age or not.

He was responding to allegations by a group of disabled soldiers that they had not been paid their pensions and their payments had been reduced,

As per the Cabinet decision on July 21, 1982, provisions have been made for the military or police personnel who were rendered disabled due to other law enforcement activities, operational duties or terrorist activities to receive their salaries and allowances up to the age of 55, or for the families of those who were killed in the line of duty to receive their salary and allowances till they reach 55 years of age, he said in a statement. Under the codes 42 and 59 of the Department of Pensions “The Compensation Pension and Disability Pension” Scheme, no service retiree is entitled to receive pensions as the Government has not made allocations for such payments. Therefore, a policy decision had been made by the Government to recover the additional compensation pension that has been paid to each retiree.

As for the members of the three Armed Forces who were disabled during service operations, the Cost of Living Allowance had been added to both their military pay and pension, and a decision had been made to correct this discrepancy. He said that no pension privilege has been deducted.

“A group of disabled retired soldiers had held a media briefing on January 10 and claimed that they had not been paid their pension properly. It should be clearly stated that the relevant pensions by the Pensions Department had been credited to the Divisional Secretariats. It had been observed during recent audits that the excess payments paid to a handful of retired disabled service personnel had been paid over several years due to the information not being updated. The Divisional Secretariats, therefore, had taken steps to reclaim the additional payments made to them,” the Military Spokesman said.

He said that this is simply a task that must be done in accordance with fiscal regulations. If any injustice has been done to these disabled retired war heroes, he said that necessary measures would be taken by the Pensions Department to rectify the mistake.

However, he said that the relevant retired soldiers who held the media briefing on January 10, both soldiers Senarath Yapa Anura and Jayaweera JMSP had received pensions exceeding Rs. 90,000.