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Flexible working hours for public sector under study

The government has paid attention on introducing flexible working hours for the public sector, Co-cabinet Spokesperson Energy Minister Udaya Gammanpila said.

Speaking at the weekly Cabinet media briefing at the Government Information Department, Minister Gammanpila said with the reopening of schools, traffic congestion is on the rise again and the government is focusing on introducing the concept of ‘flexible working hours’ for public sector employees.

Responding to a question by a journalist, the Minister said if there was a gap between school and office hours, it could affect the children, and then the parents coming home late at night could affect the mental health of children.

Under the new system, people will be able to spend 40 hours a week using new technology in a way that is convenient for them, and not everyone will have to report to office at the same time. He added that the government is now studying this concept.