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Sylvestrian gymnasts steal the limelight

St. Sylvester’s College, Kandy started the game of Gymnastics in the year 2002 with the assistance of Veteran Gymnastic Coach Amal Rasanga and the first person to win the District and Central province Gymnastic Meet in Floor exercise and Vault events was Kumaraj Aravinth who won a Medal at the First National Sports Festival in 2009.

In the following year Young Ravindu Shehan won a Gold Medal and a Bronze Medal at the Junior Championship in 2010. This was his first win in a National Meet and he continued to win many more Medals in time to come. In 2014 St. Sylvester’s won one Gold Medal and one Bronze Medal and in 2015 they won two Gold Medals and one Bronze Medal in Gymnastics at the National School Games. The School continued winning Gymnastic Medals when they won two Gold medals, two Silver medals and one Bronze Medal at the Junior Nationals in 2016 and in the same year Ravindu Shehan became the Floor Exercise Champion of Sri Lanka

In the same year(2016)St. Sylvester’s became Under16All-round Gymanstic Champions and the School won four Gold Medals, one Silver Medal and two Bronze Medals. In 2017 two Sylvestrian Gymnasts were selected to the National Gymnastic Team and three players for Sri Lanka Junior National Team.

In the following year,2018 Ravindu Shehan was selected to represent Sri Lanka in Gymanstics at the Asian Games held in Jakarta,Indonesia along with his Coach Amal Rasanga.In the year 2018 St. Sylvester’s became Sri Lanka Schools Gymnastic Champions. It was a historic win for the School as no other School Outside Colombo had won the championship in Gymanstics for 34 long years.Before this St. Sylvester’s were the Central Province School Gymnastic Champions for 15 years and in 2019 Ravindu Shehan won a Gold Medal again at the All Island Championship and Ranuka Perera won the all island championship St. Sylvesters’has produced National Level Gymansts of the calibre of Renuka,Hiran,Akarsha,Vishwa,Ranuka,Chamika and many more.

The men responsible for their success are the veteran International Level I coach Amal Rasanga who was the coach of these Gymnastic players and the former Principal of St. Sylvester’s R.S. Meetiyagoda and the present Principal P. G. S. Bandara.