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Neglected Pothupitiya MV ground needs attention

Dilapidated Pothupitiya MV ground
Dilapidated Pothupitiya MV ground

Residents and sports loving people of Pothupitiya,in Kalutara urge the responsible authorities to look into the pathetic situation prevailing at the Pothupitiya M.V.Playground and request them to develop it for the benefit of athletes and coaches.

The dilapidated ground has been a popular venue for annual inter school, divisional and zonal level sports events and some of the national level athletes too used the ground before it was neglected by the school and regional sports authorities. At present there are many shortcomings in this playground.

The playground has a 194.63m track which can be expanded and turned into a standard track which can conduct Zonal, provincial and national level athletic events.

The volleyball court of the school needs prompt attention as it is decaying day by day making the court unsuitable for practices. Players are vulnerable to injuries when playing in a scattered terrain. The school only have three volleyballs and they need more volleyballs to continue practices. The parapet wall ,built around the school is on the verge of collapse and it needs immediate repair or the entire parapet wall should be removed and re-built The school also needs a sports room which is a must to carry out sports practices.