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Kandy District HA to conduct online workshops

Kandy District Hockey Association headed by a famous hockey player and promoter R.Maheswaran will conduct online education workshops for Kandy coaches and technical officials to help them gain diverse knowledge.

The KDHA is hoping to have a ten online education workshops which will be held end of the month for the coaches, technical officials,umpires and umpire managers.

. Candidates who are interested in following this workshop are requested to contact KDHA president R. Maheswaran or Secretary M. Ashraff

They are aimed at providing technical expertise and knowledge on various aspects of officiating and managing matches and tournaments, these online education workshops will be conducted free of cost for participating candidates.

Each workshop will consist of a three to four hour session, including a break.

These workshops will promote and focus on the use of new and existing technology, imbibing the required qualities, assigning and clarifying role and responsibilities, stating pre-tournament and pre-match processes to be followed, and communicating and working with teams.

At the end of the workshops,participating candidates will receive a certificate that will help them in their future.

This should help the participants in a big way. Today, over here in Kandy boys and girls schools play hockey and have done well and also the clubs.

KDHA is also keen to come back with their inter club sevens, league and knockout tournaments which was planned to be held in November – December had to be halted due to the corona virus.