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‘President dedicated to serving Sri Lankans’

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has a passion for achieving his goals to serve the Sri Lankans and to strengthen friendly relations with brotherly countries, the new High Commissioner for Bangladesh to Sri Lanka, Tareq Mohamed Ariful Islam said yesterday.

The envoy presented his credentials to the President on Monday.

The High Commissioner said that the Lankan President is dedicated to implementing his goals for the betterment of the people. “He told me that he wants to develop the agriculture of the country to emancipate the masses from the present Covid-19 crisis.”

Islam said that such developments from the grassroot level will help villagers come up in their life. The President is keen on developing the tourism industry since some three million people are affected by the impact from the fall in the sector, the diplomat said.

“ We are prepared to cooperate with Sri Lanka in fields such as IT, agriculture, higher education, regional cooperation, ship building and also in the exchange of technical knowhow between the two countries.” He pointed out that Bangladesh is the second largest country in the world in IT outsourcing and has excelled in large-scale vegetable and rice production.