Turmeric harvest begins in Matale District | Daily News

Turmeric harvest begins in Matale District

With the ban on the importation of turmeric by the government, the cultivation of turmeric has commenced in the Matale District from domestic to commercial level and its harvesting has already started on the spot.

Meanwhile, growers said that the market price of a kilogram of Amukaha (raw turmeric) has exceeded Rs. 500 and that six kilograms of Amukaha is required to prepare one kilogram of dry turmeric.

At present, nearly 5,000 acres of turmeric and raw ginger have been cultivated in the district this year and all harvests will be available by the end of March, they said.

As such, traders said, the current market price of turmeric is unlikely to fall with this harvest.

In the meantime, It is also revealed that large scale turmeric growers have already imported the machinery required for the processing of turmeric.