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Will Kandy schools have hopes for 2021?

Due to lack of sports, all Kandy schools are ready to resume sports activities, which were halted due to the COVID-19 pandemic; they are waiting for the greenlight. Sports have always been a part and parcel of schoolboys. Unlike in the earlier days, there is a big spectator interest at matches especially the family members of players. Whatever the reason may be Kandy schools produce some of the top sports personalities and in all sports, all eight Kandy schools are blessed with good talented players and should be often in the news. Nearly every sporting event, major and minor, has been canceled, moved, or postponed because of the pandemic. The question now, to which no one knows the answer, is when will games come back.

Everyone talks about the importance of fitness and exercise for kids – including us. Today let’s discuss the benefits of sports for students. Playing a sport is a great way for children to take a break from academics and release pent-up energy. It also helps them lead full and happier lives as regular sports and fitness activities have proven to provide not only physical benefits but also social and psychological benefits to children. Kandy covers an important role in the national sports activities, in the last few months, there were no sports due to the coronavirus pandemic. All sportsmen are held up, no activities; according to news, all sports will be back in action soon.

Now it is the time for inter-school cricket which is the most anticipated sporting event of the schools, according to news reports; they are waiting for the greenlight which is expected to come out on 15, and it is also said that this time schools will play only five games and it will be a one day affair, and also the big matches should be played. The Kandy’s sporting schools are:

Sri Rahula College - at one time was well known for athletics, football, and hockey and later in the field of mini rugby and cricket. But today they are a major force in cricket too. Thanks to the efforts of their school staff and old boys, who have turned them into a top sporting school. Sri Rahula College is one of Kandy’s oldest cricket playing schools, started the game of cricket in 1890s but gave it up a few years later and were more involved with football, athletics, and hockey. However, in the 1970s they came back into cricket and was famous for Football and Hockey in the 1950s and ‘60s and later excelled in mini rugby. All in all, today they give a hand to all sports.

St. Sylvester’s College - is a school located in the middle of Kandy city which offers a big hand for sports. This school continues to produce good sportsmen at cricket, football, hockey, athletics, and rugby even without a proper playing field, at one time they were kingmakers of boxing. In 1994 during the principalship of late Bertie, Nillagoda, for the first time won the All-Island League championship and in the knockouts lost to Ananda in the semifinals, they were that year coached by Roland Perera. Judging by their present strength the Sylvestrians should do well in all sports, they are well supported by the principal and the rest of the sporting staff.

Sri Sumangala College - The school was founded as St. Paul’s College. During the period when it was St. Paul’s, they produced a 1000-run maker in Prasanga Tennakoon. This school gave a big hand for Football, Hockey at one time and they first played Cricket in the early days later gave up and came back to the game again. They also played rugby in the 1970s and later gave up and are back in the game. They do all the sports without a playground.

Vidyartha College - is one of the leading schools in the hill capital and has a proud sporting history. They have a plot of land at Nittawela where they do their practices. Vidyartha has produced some top class cricketers, ruggerites, boxers, footballers, and hockey players. Cricket, despite having limited facilities, Vidyartha College has emerged as one of the leading cricket playing schools. They have been playing cricket since 1952, and has reached great heights without a proper playing field. They have a small ground for their practices at Nittawela. This school which is situated along Katugastota Road has produced several top cricketers and some of their products have done their alma mater proud by excelling in school, club, and district level. Kingswood College– is one of the oldest schools playing cricket. This season they are sue to do well if the game is brought back. At this school, cricket takes pride of place and many cricketers have enjoyed the game. The year 1962 was one of their finest years in which they won several matches and beat Trinity College for the first time. In Kandy, the oldest big match is between Kingswood College and Dharmaraja College, the first match was played in 1893

Dharmaraja College– a school which has a history of more than 134 years since 30th June 1887 and has produced well known cricketers who have done well and represented the country. Their big match against Kingwood College is the oldest big match in the hills and the second oldest in Sri Lanka. The first match was played in 1893, with Dharmaraja College. A hoping for the best this time.

St. Anthony’s College– at one time was a major force in school cricket; they have not only produced several champion teams but also produced some of the finest cricketers who have made Sri Lanka proud. They also do well in rugger, and in the good old days football was also at high level, and the first school in the country to play hockey.

Trinity College – is a school that is blessed with all facilities and produced top class, talented sportsmen. They are one of the oldest Cricket and rugger playing schools in the country. Before the 2nd World War, they not only produced several top class cricketers but also produced several invincible teams. Trinity seems to be in good form in all sports they play, thanks to the support of the principal, the sporting staff and the old boys. The facilities they have a superb indoor net, bowling machine and an international stadium, a top rugby ground.

Then the other schools in Kandy and surrounding areas like Peradeniya MV, Nugawela Central College, Chandrananda Buddhist College, D.S. Senanayake College, St. Benedict’s College, Walala A.Rathnayake Central College, Medina Central College, Galagedera CentralCollege, Al-Azhar College, Ranabima Royal College, Mahanama College, Lumbini Royal College, Berravettes College, Wattegama Central, Sarasavi Uyana MV., are some of the schools who are doing well in sports. Some of the girls’ schools who at the top in sports are, Good Shepherd Convent, Girls High School, and St.Anthony’s Convent. Seetadevi Balika Vidyalaya, Pushpadana Girls College, Hemamali BV, Hillwood Girls College, Mahamaya Girls College, Swarnamali BV, Viharamaha Devi BV.