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Rootcode AI launched

Leading technology entrepreneurs. Picture by Dinesh Perera.
Leading technology entrepreneurs. Picture by Dinesh Perera.

Rootcode Labs officially launched a subsidiary, Rootcode AI recently. The subsidiary will look to capture the estimated US$ 120 billion global market for Artificial Intelligence by 2025. The company has already launched an AI-based resume screener called Aphelia.

The subsidiary had been operational under Rootcode Labs but now had reached enough operational scale and growth prospects to be made an official subsidiary.

Founder CEO Rootcode Labs Alagan Mahalingam noted that teaching Artificial Intelligence to do things is very difficult. He noted that even human beings require years of training to be able to understand on what basis to divide and sort resumes.

The subsidiary was launched on 29 January at the Movenpick hotel.

Aphelia is able to take digitised resumes in multiple different formats and sort through the relevant information. The layout of the resume can be different. The software is better able to sift through hundreds of resumes over a short period of time thus improving the recruitment process.

Mahalingam said, “it isn’t perfect but it can plug into any application process.”

Mahalingam on the prospect of AI said, “AI is and will continue to change the world. The way we use software is going to fundamentally change.

Rootcode Labs is operational in over 27 industries and its products are used by over a 78 million users. The company’s products have been used to process over US$ 180 million in revenue.

Over the course of the pandemic the company was able to increase revenues. Revenues in January on a Year-on-Year basis are up 133%. The company recently won a global competition to develop a video facilitation service for the delivering of services.

The company initially developed an app called Serw which facilitates face to face interaction between companies and their customers. Serw has since been rebranded as Expert Republic. Expert Republic has also just launched a professional tier that allows companies to launch video interfacing platforms with their clients under an application with their own branding. The applications can be ready for deployment in under 48 hours.