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IIHS provides global education grants students recognition worldwide

International Institute of Health Science (IIHS), one of Sri Lanka’s premier and leading healthcare education institute in Sri Lanka has skillfully navigated through the deep waters to elevate the levels of private tertiary education to heights in the country.

Offering recognized international qualifications from credible universities, IIHS has opened the doorway to many students, granting them the opportunity to not only complete their studies but also to work in other countries around the world, thereby rewarding them with a global passport to a new life.

More than 400 students have successfully completed their studies and sought employment in first world countries like Australia, Finland and UK.

As an institute driven solely at providing world class education, IIHS has made special concessions to ensure that education remains unaffected despite the adverse economic conditions that the world is faced with.

IIHS offers courses with a 40-60% reduction in course fee, despite most international universities increasing the fees. This is further enhanced with easy payment schemes and suitable bank loans with extended settlement and easy payment options.

Considering the current situation where everyone has moved unto the virtual environment, IIHS also offers free data packs as an additional support mechanism. The administration of IIHS will also look at the possibility of extending payment deadlines as well as rescheduling payment plans to ease the financial burdens of the students.

Last year, government employed nurses along with other students graduated from IIHS with international bachelor’s degree qualifications from world recognised universities. IIHS offers Doctorate Masters and Bachelors courses in Nursing, Bachelors of Physiotherapy, Bachelors of Bio Medical Sciences and MBA in Healthcare Administration. The healthcare and speciality nurses’ sector has the most demand globally.

All students are provided with much needed English language competency qualifications which is a pre-requisite when it comes to working and living overseas.

 Sharing his thoughts, Dr. Kithsiri Edirisinghe CEO and Co-founder IIHS said, “We are focused on providing our students with a global education which will open up multiple doorways to help them achieve successful careers. IIHS is a hub, much like a modern and well-equipped airport that facilitates all activities, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction in every aspect of the journey.”

Special care and attention is given when formulating and scheduling courses for Government nurses with the use of modern technology and teaching methods to ensure that their work schedules are unhindered. This is primarily done to uplift the careers of the nursing staff, to equip them with the necessary skill and knowledge to serve the common man efficiently and effectively.