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BOC organises awareness programme for Micro and SME sector

Bank officials at the SME forum
Bank officials at the SME forum

Bank of Ceylon has organized an awareness programme to educate Micro and SME entrepreneurs who are enaged in the Fisheries sector.

During the forum customers were able to discuss their concerns with regard to loan facilities directly with the bank officials at this programme. These programmes were held recently, with the patronage of the Bank’s Deputy General Manager Sales and Channel Management Priyal Silva. Assistant General Manager Western Province South W.K.L.B.N. Samanthi and Western Province North S.P.K. Liyanage also participated for these two events respectively.

Over fifty Micro and SME entrepreneurs engaged in fisheries sector associating both inland and marine fisheries participated for each of these program and each was organized adhering to health regulations.

Apart from the awareness program, participants were guided to build a relationship with the respective Area Manager for longer term assistance. Withthe loan interest rate at the lowest beginning from 4.78% p.a. up wards for customers BOC offers the most attractive rate in the market. This development loan is extended for customers to assist their business continuity, purchasing of equipments and related requirements.

In regard to revive the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, Bank of Ceylon has extended a gamut of benefits for the development of micro and SME sector in the country to rebuild their businesses and sustain the functioning. The Bank has so far been able to disburse loan facilities to entrepreneurs with special attention to agriculture, tourism, exports, tea, apparel, IT, logistics and spices cultivation. In order to encourage more entrepreneurs to come forth and make a significant impact on the economic development of the country, the bank provides these facilities at what are probably the lowest interest rates in the market.

The Bank wishes to extend these facilities to many customers as possible to ensure that there will be a significant impact on the economic and social wellbeing by building as many successful entrepreneurs as possible.