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OPA objects to the East Container deal

The Organization of Professional Associations of Sri Lanka (OPA) has written to the President expressing their desire for national development of the East Container Terminal.

The OPA is the apex body of 52 Professional Associations in the country covering 32 diverse professions, has requested the President by a letter to utilize local expertise and funds for the development of the East Container Terminal.

Their letter notes: “We are deeply concerned about the current developments relating to the East Container Terminal of Colombo Port. As professionals, we are mindful of the fact that you have to balance many geopolitical pressures while maintaining the non-aligned foreign policy stance of the government.”

The letter goes on to add, “The Colombo Port is considered as one of the most prestigious ports in the whole world due to its strategic location. To preserve this, the government should take all necessary steps to safeguard the sovereignty of the port. Funds for any development work of port may be first sourced locally, that would not threaten the sovereignty and safety of the port and the nation. As per the policy of the government, priority should always be given to source technical know-how and expertise of the local professionals.”