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CID to serve indictments on Podi Lasie

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials submitting a report on organised crime gang member Arumahandi Janith Madusanka alias Podi Lasie, before Galle Chief Magistrate Harshan Kekunawela stated that the investigations regarding the charges against the suspect had been completed and the same was referred to the Attorney General seeking legal advice.

Podi Lesie has been named as the second suspect in the case of public death threats against the President, the Defence Secretary and several senior officials of the Prisons Department at the Boossa Prison. The CID stated this before the Galle Chief Magistrate Harshana Kekunawela last Friday.

The CID further stated that they were in the process of filing indictments in the High Court against the suspect for illegal possession of firearms and narcotics.

Several inmates of the Boossa Prison had started a fast saying that the facilities available to them were inadequate. Several Commissioners of the Prisons Department visited the Boossa Prison on June 26 to inquire into the matter.

The respective case has been filed against Dharmakeerthi Tharaka Perera Wijesekera alias Kosgoda Tharaka (first respondent) and Podi Lesie for making death threats to the President, the Defense Secretary and senior officials of the Prisons Department when the said officials visited Boossa prison to inquire into the incident .

When Podi Lasie was produced in court on October 6, the CID had requested that the suspect be detained under their custody for 90 days for further investigations. Accordingly, the Magistrate allowed the CID to detain the suspect for 90 days. IP Polwatta of the CID submitted the further report. The case was adjourned till May 7.