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SLCS to celebrate World Cancer Day from February 1 to 7

The Sri Lanka Cancer Society (SLCS) will be celebrating World Cancer Day, which falls on February 4, from February 1 to 7 at its Headquarters in Colombo 7.

The SLCS is to conduct a series of cancer-related awareness programmes under the theme ‘Together, We Can Beat Cancer’. They will be aimed at the public, especially schoolchildren and university students, to know the importance of maintaining a healthy life that would help create a cancer-free society.

SLCS Public Education Committee Chairperson Indrani Nanayakkara said that unlike in the past, the SLCS plans to conduct all cancer-related activities using print and electronic media this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said the SLCS expects the participation of a large number of schoolchildren from all parts of the country for the annual ‘Youth Art Competition’ as well. April 30 is the deadline for submissions.

A flyer will be published in newspapers and social media in all three languages and those in the categories of 19 to 21 years, 16 to 18 years, and 12 to 15 years could submit their artwork via email, Nanayakkara added.

A panel of judges will select the best art work and the first three of each age group will be given a prize and a certificate, while the other best 12 drawings would be published on social media and in newspapers. In addition, banners will be displayed at places where people gather the most, she said.

During this seven-day period, medical personnel and oncologists will conduct cancer-related seminars. Speaking about cancer, she said that in present day’s society, most young children are addicted to fast food, which is a major cause of cancer and other related diseases.

“Furthermore, children should be encouraged to refrain from using alcohol, cigarettes, betel, and other intoxicants as they, too, are one of the main causes of cancer,” Nanayakkara said. She highlighted that as cancer has become a global phenomena, stringent measures should be taken by authorities to encourage people to consume healthy food to avoid cancer.

Nanayakkara urged the public to seek medication immediately if they are be diagnosed with cancer in the future.

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