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JVP cannot be intimidated - Tilvyn

The Government will not be able to intimidate the JVP by leveling allegations of political revenge against its leader, said JVP General Secretary Tilvyn Silva yesterday (01)

Silva also alleged that the Government is using the report submitted by the Commission of Inquiry Investigating Incidents of Political Revenge to hunt down its opponents.

These observations were made during a press brief held by the JVP at the party headquarters in Battaramulla yesterday.

Silva also observed that JVP has survived more brutal attempts made by capitalists to wipe out the party from the political arena.

Silva furthered, “Comrade Anura Dissanayake, the leader of our party is also on the list of culprits named by this Commission. Our protest against this report is not because his name is there.

 We are not afraid of it at all. Whether any of our names are there or not, this is an anti-democratic, anti-moral, arbitrary act contrary to the basic tenets of the law.

He said that any party which has faith in justice should oppose it. Anura Dissanayake has not violated the Constitution or misused state property.

All we have done is submit the fraud and corruption information we had, to the relevant agencies. We have submitted them to Parliament, the CID and the Bribery Commission.

It was those institutions that continued to work on them. We had a right to encourage those investigations. Anura Dissanayake did that. Comrades Sunil Handunnetti and Wasantha Samarasinghe have lodged a large number of complaints. We have no reason to fear because we have worked for the law. We have lodged a complaint against those who stole to protect the money of the people of this country.”