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A soaring success!

Royal International School, Kurunegala, celebrates 30 years

In Athuglapura stands an edifice, adorned regally as a trove of knowledge and wisdom moulding the young minds of Kurunegala who seek shelter in its walls of education. It bears the name Royal International School, Kurunegala.

-A death of a dream births an illustrious voyage of vision-

In their quest to provide their little daughter an opportunity to learn in English medium, Dr. Newton Peiris and Sandra Wanduragala were forcibly made to face with the truth that there was no such opportunity in Kurunegala. This realisation paved way to the birth of Royal International School. On January 4, 1991, a grueling yet promising quest was initiated in a small house in Kurunegala.

30 years on, the school has now grown from that little seed of hope into a tree of wisdom, spreading its branches of erudition with a strong vision and mission, now stands tall as a well-established and a renowned symbol of education in the North Western Province.

2021 marks an important milestone to the School. The management declared open their brand new Primary premises. The Primary School is fully equipped with modern learning tools and facilities promising a child friendly and safe ambience. 30 years after its inception, the students of secondary and the primary of Royal International school will henceforth be fostered under one roof; strengthened in number will march forward with solidarity.

The school has always shone as a beacon of success; the excellent performance of the students in academics at the state and Edexcel examinations is a testimony to this. The strong belief of the school in providing the students with a wholesome education has resulted in learning beyond the classroom. Within its premises, the school holds a swimming pool, a basketball court, a badminton court, an auditorium, 2 libraries, a fully equipped science lab and a spacious play-playground.

The students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities which include sports, debate, drama and aesthetics. Science and technology are recognised as skills than subjects and the school has – in collaboration with leading STEM education specialists IgniterSpace - introduced STEM as a subject which encourages the students to awaken the innovator in them. Bearing the vision of inspiring the next generation of leadership in Sri Lanka with each student a success story, Royal International School has penned many such success stories; out of the walls of this school have walked many academically successful individuals who now reign their areas of expertise in the national and international platform.

Selyna Peiris, an Attorney-at-Law by profession, is the very first student of Royal International School. She is a social activist and has been recognised as one of the most influential female entrepreneurs under 35 by the Cosmopolitan magazine.

Dr. Dilrini De Silva is an acclaimed scholar who has published numerous research papers. She read for her PhD in Bioinformatics in School of Biological and Chemical Sciences at Queen Mary University of London. She is currently a research Associate in Bioinformatics at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute. The formative years of the renowned scholar was shaped by the teachers of Royal International School. The school is now headed by a young and inspiring educator with a vision. He thoroughly believes in a holistic education centring around not only on academics, but focusing on emotional intelligence and leadership as key mechanisms to transform every child of RIS into a success story in life. Ravinath Peiris, the Managing Director of Royal International School, with two Masters in Development Administration and Planning (UCL, UK) and Public Policy (Willy Brandt School, Germany). He has also completed his MBA at PIM Colombo.

On January 4, this year, Royal International School commemorated its 30th birthday beaming with solemn pride. Despite the challenges thrown by the COVID-19 pandemic, the school stood tall in the face of adversities and firmly held on to its mission of providing a nurturing environment of holistic development to her students.

The pandemic has left many scarred. Many families are financially broken. The Royal International School community was not spared by COVID-19. A school that firmly believes in nurturing emotional intelligence cannot take a step back during this trying times.

Thus, 30th anniversary while marking the success of the school also turns a new page. With a solemn reminder that we each have responsibility to enrich lives of others, the school management has initiated the Royal Education Foundation with a commitment of Rs. 1 million annually to fulfil its responsibility to ensure an unhindered education of a child in the event of a financial crisis, loss of a family member or any other unforeseen crises.