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State Minister deplores bus operators’ strike plans

If the private bus operators launch a strike in spite of being provided with all concessions and incentives by the Government during the pandemic situation, it will be very unfair by the commuters, Vehicle Regulation, Bus Transport Services and Train Compartments and Motor Car Industry State Minister Dilum Amunugama said.

“We rejected the claims by private bus associations about not granting concessions for their service,” he said adding that action will be taken against the bus operators if they launch a bus strike without a valid reason.

“We have granted all possible concessions and relief including a fare hike to continue their service,” he added.

“However, we permitted to increase the bus fares as a relief measure for bus operators who are allowed to carry passengers only according to the seats available in buses based on the health guidelines. But, bus operators have again resorted to overloading which we did not expect them to do. With all the facilities and concessions, many bus operators are often seen violating the rules without adhering to COVID-19 regulations,” he said. “We have also given them a six months leasing concession period which is coming to an end now. Once this grace period is over, we will be discussing further relief measures,” he added.

“The bus associations claimed that they were not given relief. It is a lie. But bus operators failed to adhere to the regulations even though we have fulfilled their requests,” he said.