FITIS requests COVID-19 vaccine for ICT employees on a priority basis | Daily News

FITIS requests COVID-19 vaccine for ICT employees on a priority basis

The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) apex body for the ICT industry is urging the government to provide a corona vaccine to ICT industry employees as soon as possible on a priority basis at least for 20% of the staff who are front liners in the ICT industry.

Abbas Kamrudeen, Chairman of FITIS said “that currently, ICT Industry represents a workforce standing at above 100,000 and out of 20% employees are in the frontline, engaged in various ICT projects in the country, all of whom are at risk of infection due to their frequent moments.

If these employees are affected with the Coronavirus, current digital transformation projects in both private and public sector will be affected and there will be serious repercussions as a major part of the economy now depends on digital and services will be interrupted during this critical time.

The IT and digital technologies have helped to create an environment to support the government, health, education, and consumer networks to survive through this turbulent time. Further, the government has encouraged people to use more technologies especially in the banking, education sectors and work from home concept.

Therefore, in this context technology and its functioning should not be hindered.

The contribution of the industry to the GDP of Sri Lanka is forecasted to be about 6%.

Therefore, we urge the government to place 20% of ICT employees next in line to receive the vaccine, continuing on a priority basis.”