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Friendships with other countries should be enhanced -State Minister Lanza

Rural Roads and Residual Infrastructure State Minister Nimal Lanza issuing a special statement to the media said that friendships with countries such as Japan and India will not be fractured.

“If Sri Lanka is to move forward, it must strengthen diplomatic relations and provide investment opportunities with them. Otherwise our country will be in a big economic crisis. The Rupee will depreciate because of the loss of foreign exchange to the country and the loss of investments. The rise of the dollar will push up the prices of goods and services. Then the people will inevitably be severely inconvenienced. Therefore, investment opportunities should be provided with friendly countries to achieve economic stability in the country, the statement said.

The income from the tourism industry and the foreign remittances has been already limited. If investment opportunities were lost in such a situation, the country would face a severe economic crisis and therefore the investment opportunities should be expanded cordially, the statement said.

Previous investments made with friendly countries, they did not take back and all that benefit the people.

The damage done to diplomatic relations by some parties by behaving and bragging like village thugs is very serious. Doing so would put the country in a major crisis. President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa have defended the national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity and they will not make any harmful decision, which will harm the country, the statement said.

A number of Government institutions are already incurring losses and maintained by public tax money. It is a huge expense for the country. State Minister Nimal Lanza said in his statement that relations with friendly countries should be expanded without losing investment opportunities.