Sathosa, Cooperative Shops and Q-Shops to sell items:

The Trade Ministry has decided to reduce the prices of 27 essential goods for an initial period of three months from Monday (08), Trade Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena announced yesterday.

Accordingly the 27 essential items will be available at Sathosa, Cooperative Shops and Q-Shops from next Monday (08).

Minister Dr. Gunawardena made this revelation at a media briefing held at the Ministry of Trade.

The 27 essential goods include Red Raw Rice, White Raw Rice, White Nadu, Samba, Keeri Samba, Wheat flour, White sugar, Brown sugar, Tea, Australian red lentils, Indian Big Onions, local potatoes, Pakistani potatoes, Chickpeas, Dried chilli, local canned fish, imported canned fish, Thai sprats, chicken, crystal salt, Powdered milk, Soybean oil, Laundry soap– BCC, Laundry soap, Body soap, Handwash and Face Masks (SLS certified).

Accordingly the new reduced price of Red Raw Rice (1kg) shall be Rs. 93, White Raw Rice (1kg) Rs. 93, White Nadu (1kg) Rs. 96,Samba (1kg) Rs.99, Keeri Samba (1kg) Rs. 125, Wheat flour (1kg) Rs.84,White sugar (1kg) Rs. 99, Brown sugar (1 kg) Rs.125, Tea (100g) Rs.95, Australian red lentils (1kg) Rs.165,Indian Big Onions (1kg) Rs. 120, Local potatoes (1kg) Rs.180, Pakistani potatoes (1kg) Rs. 140,

Chickpeas (1kg) Rs.175, Dried chilies (1kg) Rs. 495,Local canned fish (425g) Rs. 220, Imported canned fish (425g) Rs. 265,Thai sprats (1kg) Rs. 545, Chicken (with skin) 1kg Rs.400, Crystal salt (1kg) Rs. 43,Powdered milk (400g) Rs.355, Soybean oil (500ml) Rs. 310, Laundry soap– BCC (115g) Rs. 43,Laundry soap (650g) Rs.260, Body soap (100g) Rs. 56,Handwash (100ml) Rs. 250 and Face masks/Surgical (SLS certified) Rs. 14.

Minister Dr. Gunawardena expressed his gratitude to the Government led by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa for granting Cabinet approval for the proposal despite the economic difficulties caused by the pandemic. Dr. Gunawardena also thanked the manufacturers in both public and the private sectors and for direct importers for giving their support to implement this project.

“Although projects such as these should be implemented on the basis of the gradual growth of production, the President, the Prime Minister and the Cabinet, the Ministry of Trade, the local manufacturer and the direct importers should be commended for their commitment to provide maximum relief to the people in the face of the current epidemic,” Dr. Gunawardena observed.

Minister Dr.Gunawardena pointed out that if the private sector supermarket chains can follow suit with the Government-agreed pricing model for these 27 essential consumer goods, they will be fulfilling their responsibility to the public during a trying time like this.

Minister Dr. Gunawardena further said that if there are any difficulties in purchasing these items through Sathosa, Co-operatives and Q-Shops, the 1998 hotline for inquiries and the 1977 hotline for complaints regarding price frauds will be activated from next Monday.