Anuradhapura paddy farmers undergo severe manure shortage | Daily News

Anuradhapura paddy farmers undergo severe manure shortage

Seek solution soon

Farmer Organisations in the Anuradhapura District have urged the Anuradhapura Government Agent, District Agriculture Committee and Fertiliser Secretariat Officials to resolve soon the severe fertiliser shortage in the district.

The Lak Pohora and the Colombo Commercial Fertiliser Companies have reportedly sold out their stocks and are now buying manure from private dealers to provide the subsidised fertiliser quota to the farmers. The farmers, meanwhile, said that providing fertilisers in this way is not practical.

Anuradhapura Government Agent R.M.Wanninayake said that he received many complaints from the farmers in this regard. He said that 125,000 hectares have been cultivated with paddy for the Maha season in the district and lack of fertiliser could affect the expected paddy harvest.

"The monsoon rains in November last year delayed paddy cultivating about two months. The COVID-19 pandemic also affected the farmers’ regular activities. Mainly, the Agrarian Development Department issues subsidised fertiliser through 43 Divisional Centres. The officials and workers of those centres could not work properly during the past months because of the pandemic. Import of fertiliser was also affected for the same reason.

“However, adequate fertiliser stocks are at the open market at Rs 1,500 per sack. We have sought a solution as soon as possible for the issue from the Agriculture Ministry and the Fertiliser Secretariat,” Wanninayake said.