Farmers to receive biofertiliser this ‘Maha’ Season | Daily News

Farmers to receive biofertiliser this ‘Maha’ Season

National Fertiliser Secretariat Kurunegala District Assistant Director Bandara Herath said that steps have been taken to provide farmers with biofertiliser for the upcoming ‘Maha’ Season in order to promote more eco-friendly paddy cultivation. He was speaking at a press briefing held at his office last Friday.

Herath said biofertiliser has to be mixed with small amounts chemical fertiliser in order to be effective, and that it would reduce the damage caused to the environment. Excessive amounts of chemical fertiliser reduce the fertility of soil, he added.

The Assistant Director said that the programme is being implemented in Bingiriya, Panduwasnuwara, Welpalla, Deegalla, Kobeigane, Amangalla, Nagollagama,Maho, Boraluwewa, and Ganewatta, where 7,256 hectares of paddy land has been cultivated.

He said that 1.012 kilotonnes of urea, 254 tonnes of Triple Superphosphate (TSP), and 284 tonnes of Muriate of Potash (MOP) will be provided to farmers free-of-charge under the programme. Each farmer will be provided with two 500ml bottles biofertiliser, which would be sufficient per acre of land, Herath added.