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1,400 prison officers to be recruited soon - Ratwatte

One thousand four hundred (1,400) new prison officers will be recruited before the end of this month, Prison Management and Prisoners’ Rehabilitation State Minister Lohan Ratwatte said. He added that in addition another 500 officers under the age of 40 who will have the opportunity to retire after twelve years of service, will also be recruited to get their experienced service as well.

“The Prison Inmate Review Programme which was terminated by former President Chandrika Bandaranaike will be re-enacted,” State Minister Lohan Ratwatte said. He expressed his hope that President Gotabaya Rajapaksa would give his approval before the Vesak Poya Day this year.

State Minister Ratwatte said further that the Prison Inmate Review Programme, which had not been operational for 20 years, was a legal process which enables inmates who are on death row to mitigate to life imprisonment and those serving life imprisonment to 20 years imprisonment.

The State Minister made these observations while speaking to the media after the opening of a consular office of the Ministry of External Affairs in Kandy.

Furthermore, he said that he had received the report of the investigation into the Mahara prison incident and that the committee’s recommendations are still being implemented.

State Minister Ratwatte said that by the time he took over the ministry, 30,000 detainees were in prison and that it had now been reduced to 18,000.

He also said that according to the available space and the number of officers, the number of inmates that can be kept is 12,000.