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Twisting carbon-absorbing tower

Paris-based architecture firm Vincent Callebaut Architectures is known for their green designs and are often referred to as ecological architects. In 2010, the firm won a competition for a sustainable residential tower for Taipei’s Xinjin District. Now, images of the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower show that the structure is almost completed and that the green firm is certainly living up to its name. Pockets of vibrant green spaces spring from the balconies of the twisting tower and from the base of the building.

But this incredible landscaping- designed by SWA - is not just for the aesthetic. An impressive 23,000 trees scattered across the project will absorb up to 130 tons of carbon dioxide annually. The construction of the building itself was also carefully planned to be more environmentally friendly in a process called eco-construction. This means that the firm, the client, and all consultants had to carefully plan the process to lower the overall environmental footprint of the massive construction endeavor.

As for the twist, Vincent Callebaut Architectures carefully considered the surrounding context and designed the dramatic gesture to create views of important surrounding landmarks. Residents of the tower should have a clearer view of Taipei’s CBD - central business district - and most notably, Taipei 101, the skyscraper formerly known as the Taipei World Financial Center.

In return, the city gets an incredible new view as well! The twisting building takes on an interesting new identity when viewed from any side, as demonstrated by the many different silhouettes that can be seen from the below photos. Some angles make the tower seem like a rounded pyramid, while others accentuate the twist as the building seems to pull away from the viewer. This dynamic form is sure to become an iconic landmark for the city.

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