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Infant’s body exhumed in Batticaloa

A body of an infant had been exhumed under the supervision of Batticaloa Magistrate A.C. Rizvan at the Poonochchimunai Muslim burial ground on February 8.

A mother of two of Poonochchimunai in the Kattankudy Police area had delivered her third child who subsequently died on January 2. The Mother had informed the mosque authorities about the death and buried the body at the burial ground.

Thereafter, she had been hospitalized because of her weakness and while she was at the hospital, her behaviour had roused suspicion among the medical staff and they in return complained to the Police about the woman. The Police had requested the Batticaloa Magistrate to exhume the body and to perform a post mortem in this regard.

The body was exhumed in the presence of the medical officers of Batticaloa Teaching Hospital C.S.Jeyalapreruma, E.W.N.E. Sammika and S.Sivakanthan.

The Kattankudy Police are investigating.