‘Plantation workers to receive Rs.1,000 daily wage’ | Daily News

‘Plantation workers to receive Rs.1,000 daily wage’

The proposal to increase the daily wage of plantation workers to Rs.1000 will be published through a gazette notification within two weeks, Plantation Minister Dr. Ramesh Pathirana said. Responding to a question raised by MP Velu Kumar in Parliament yesterday, he said that a two week window would be available  for any objections to be filed and thereafter the proposal would become law. Minister Pathirana said discussions were held between estate worker unions and employers on a number of occasions and although it was decided to give this idea on a collective agreement, the decision was taken through the Labour Minister through the Wages Board as they could not reach consensus.

Minister Pathirana also pointed out that legal action will be taken against employers if they take any action that would cause inconvenience to the employees. Several rounds of discussions have been held in the last few months between the estate unions and the estate owners regarding the increase of the daily wage of plantation workers to Rs. 1000.But both sides could not come to an agreement.Therefore, Minister Ramesh Pathirana pointed out that the Cabinet of Ministers has referred the matter to the Tea and Rubber Industry Wages Board for a decision in this regard. The Minister said that all these companies are legally obliged to pay the plantation workers’ allowance of Rs.1,000 a day and he hopes to discuss and resolve any issues that may arise in this regard in the future.